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About Us

Running Mates Logistics, specializes in the transportation of a variety of vehicles nationwide, and has expanded its resources to offer our clients the opportunity to transport their vehicles internationally. Running Mates Logistics firmly believes that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any successful business. We can say with confidence that the Running Mates Logistics team values their clients above all else, and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy.  We are proud to offer 24 hour customer service and be at our clients disposal at any time.

Company Overview


Here at Running Mates Logistics, we value our clients above all else, and believe that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any successful business. Our clients have consistently rated us positively and we are certain that you will too.


In an effort to service our clients, Running Mates Logistics offers a door-to-door transportation service for the convenience of the clients.  In the invent that door to door service delivery is a challenge our drivers will coordinate a drop off closes to your specific location.  


Our clients can rest easy and trust that their vehicle will be safe with us, due to our service being fully insured with a minimum of a $1,000,000 general liability insurance.  This insurance, for the convenience of our client, comes at no additional cost to your expenses, and doesn’t require an up-front deposit.


Every single one of our partners are experienced professionals with a minimum of 5+ years of experience in the auto industry. Our prior experience allows us to fully service our clientele with the utmost of efficiency and professionalism. If you wish to contact us at any time, we will answer, because we want to make sure to give our 100% to our clients



Running Mates Logistics works with auto carrier’s across the country, which will allow us to be able to fully service your needs. Our reach spans the West and East coasts, Middle America, Puerto Rico, and many more locations.


We have a talented customer service staff trained to answer your questions and deal with the logistics of your car move.  As one of the top auto transport companies, we take care of little problems before they can become big issues, and have a very good reputation within the auto industry.  People work with us over and over because we’re eager to take the confusion, complexity, and hassle out of the process.  We believe it should be easy and accessible, always. That’s why we consistently qualify as one of the best auto transport companies in terms of customer service. Our team is here to help you make sense of everything. Our website is also a great wealth of information and authority on helping our customer, If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our staff of seasoned professionals by calling (888) 550-9602

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